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Can You Tailor Polos?

Can You Tailor Polos?

Yes, polos can be tailored to fit more closely to the body or to make adjustments such as shortening the length of the sleeves or the overall length of the shirt. A tailor can also add darts to the back of the shirt to create a more fitted look. Polos are versatile and classic pieces of clothing that can be dressed up or down, and with a little tailoring, you can make them even more stylish and personalized to your body shape.

Many people shy away from getting their polos tailored because they think it’s not possible due to the fabric or construction of the shirt. However, with the right tailor, almost anything is possible. You don’t have to settle for a loose, unflattering fit just because you love the color or design of a polo shirt. Tailoring your polos can help you achieve a more polished and put-together look.Can You Tailor Polos?

When looking for a tailor, make sure to find someone with experience in altering knit fabrics like those used in polo shirts. The right tailor should be able to make the necessary adjustments without compromising the integrity of the fabric or the overall look of the shirt. A good tailor can work wonders and transform a regular polo shirt into a statement piece that fits you like a glove.Can You Tailor Polos?

Some common alterations that can be done to polos include:

1. Taking in the sides: If your polo shirt is too loose around the waist or torso, a tailor can take in the sides to create a more fitted silhouette. This can make a world of difference in how the shirt looks on you and can elevate your outfit.

2. Shortening the sleeves: Sometimes polo shirt sleeves can be too long, making the shirt look a bit sloppy. A tailor can shorten the sleeves to the desired length, making the shirt look more polished and tailored to your arms.

3. Shortening the overall length: If your polo shirt is too long, a tailor can shorten it to the perfect length for your body. This can also help create a more balanced and flattering look.

4. Adding darts: Darts are small folds sewn into the fabric to create a tapered, more fitted look. A tailor can add darts to the back of a polo shirt to make it fit closer to the body and eliminate any excess fabric that may be causing a baggy appearance.

By getting your polos tailored, you can achieve a more custom and unique look that sets you apart from the crowd. Don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to your wardrobe—invest in tailoring to make your clothing truly yours.Can You Tailor Polos?


Q: How much does it cost to tailor a polo shirt?

A: The cost of tailoring a polo shirt can vary depending on the alterations needed and the tailor you choose. Simple alterations like shortening the sleeves or the overall length of the shirt may cost less than more complex alterations like taking in the sides or adding darts. It’s best to consult with a tailor to get an accurate quote for the specific alterations you want.

Q: Can any tailor work on polo shirts?

A: Not all tailors are experienced in working with knit fabrics like those used in polo shirts. It’s important to find a tailor with the right expertise to ensure that the alterations are done properly and that the fabric and overall look of the shirt are not compromised.

Q: Are there any alterations that cannot be done on a polo shirt?

A: While many alterations can be done on polo shirts, there may be limitations depending on the fabric and construction of the shirt. It’s best to consult with a tailor to determine what alterations are possible for your specific polo shirt.

Q: Is it worth it to tailor a polo shirt?

A: Tailoring a polo shirt can transform it from a basic piece of clothing to a statement piece that is uniquely yours. If you have polo shirts that you love but don’t quite fit right, then tailoring can be a worthwhile investment to make them look and feel perfect on you.