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What Kind Of Necklace Goes With A Shirt

What Kind Of Necklace Goes With A Shirt?

The kind of necklace that goes with a shirt depends on the neckline of the shirt and the style you want to achieve. Here are some general guidelines:

Crew Neck Shirt: Crew neck shirts are characterized by their round and close-fitting neckline. For this type of shirt, a short necklace or a choker is the best choice. A delicate pendant or a simple chain will complement the neckline perfectly without overwhelming it.

V-Neck Shirt: V-neck shirts have a diagonal neckline that forms a V-shape. This neckline offers a lot of versatility when it comes to choosing a necklace. A pendant necklace that falls into the V of the shirt is a classic choice, or you can go for a longer necklace that creates a layered look.

Button-Down Shirt: Button-down shirts have a collared neckline and can be styled in different ways. If you want to achieve a professional look, a simple pendant necklace or a delicate chain would be a good choice. For a more casual look, you can opt for a statement necklace or a layered necklace to add some personality to your outfit.

Off-the-shoulder Shirt: Off-the-shoulder shirts leave the neckline bare and create an opportunity to make a statement with your necklace. A bold statement necklace or a chunky choker can really enhance the look of an off-the-shoulder top. Make sure the necklace sits just above the neckline of the shirt to create a cohesive and balanced look.

Turtleneck Shirt: turtlenecks are characterized by their high, close-fitting neckline that covers the neck. With this type of shirt, it’s best to skip the necklace altogether and instead opt for statement earrings or a bold bracelet to accessorize your outfit.

Scoop Neck Shirt: Scoop neck shirts have a U-shaped neckline that is lower and wider than a crew neck. A longer necklace with a pendant or a layered necklace can complement this neckline and add some visual interest to the outfit.

When choosing a necklace to go with a shirt, it’s important to consider the neckline of the shirt and the overall style you want to achieve. Whether you want to make a statement or keep it simple, the right necklace can really enhance your outfit and complete your look.


Q: Can I wear a statement necklace with any type of shirt?

A: While statement necklaces can add a bold and eye-catching touch to your outfit, they may not work with every type of shirt. It’s best to pair a statement necklace with a simple, solid-colored top to allow the necklace to stand out. Avoid wearing a statement necklace with a busy or embellished shirt, as it may be too overwhelming.

Q: Can I mix different types of necklaces with different shirt styles?

A: Mixing different types of necklaces can create a unique and stylish look. For example, you can layer a delicate pendant necklace with a chunky chain necklace for a trendy and layered effect. However, it’s important to ensure that the necklaces complement each other and don’t overwhelm the outfit. Experiment with different combinations to find what works best for you.

Q: How do I choose the right necklace length for my shirt neckline?

A: The length of the necklace you choose should complement the neckline of the shirt. For example, a crew neck shirt pairs well with a shorter necklace, while a V-neck shirt can accommodate a longer necklace. It’s all about creating balance and harmony between the necklace and the neckline of the shirt.

Q: Can I wear a necklace with a patterned shirt?

A: Yes, you can definitely wear a necklace with a patterned shirt. When choosing a necklace to pair with a patterned shirt, opt for a simple and understated style to avoid competing with the pattern. A delicate pendant necklace or a layered necklace with subtle charms can enhance the look of a patterned shirt without overwhelming it.


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